Thursday, February 24, 2005


Stop the harrassment!

I've been a blog delinquent. I know. I've got readers stretching from Oviedo to Casselberry, so don't think I haven't felt the burden to provide. Trust me, I've had restless nights for weeks.

Here are some February highlights:

(1) actual pick-up line used by blond plaid-shirted Target wanderer, "So, did you hear about Donald Trump's new wedding?" followed by, "I bet you're wondering what I'm doing with these latex gloves...".

(2) i tried to fix our smoke detector. Now we have a hole in our ceiling.

(3) spending every weekend watching A Walk to Remember or Dawson's Creek (season 4) sounds more lame than it really is. don't forget the part about spending saturday nights at Target, waiting for the movies to drop from $9.44 to $7.50. It's all about beating that vicious Sunday-after-church crowd.

(4) i got my first ever voice-mail wedding invitation. execpt it didn't include the time or date of the big day. i guess that makes me second string.

(5) latest CD of choice? 35 questions of the Westminster Shorter Catechism, put to music. Nothing says "I'm cool" like What is Justification? and an acustic guitar.


Anonymous said...

Haha YAY! that has the makings of a classic Karin Blog... pickup lines, home improvement disaster, and theological crazyness. Way to make a blog star comeback!!

running shoes said...

don't forget that you also had harrassment from someone who lives in Cincinnati...glad your back
Jen (Yeadon)

Anonymous said...

Hey, you forgot....
(6) Frequenting Chick-fil-a every Monday night to get a cheap dinner. We have even met a group of friends we consistently see on Monday nights. It's kind of sad. (Anyone in the Orlando area should go to the Chick-fil-a on Rouse Rd. They give you a free sandwich with a church bulletin).