Monday, October 31, 2005


why is it that whenever i ask a newlywed how things are going, the answer is invariably, "oh, i'm just getting used to married life" or "i'm busy trying to get adjusted to what it's like to be married."

this troubles me.

people get used to braces. people get adjusted to living in a third world country. neither of these options is something i really want compared to my first few months of marriage!

but that's just me.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have 3 brothers. Growing up, I had to share my room with one. After I got married, I REALLY had to learn how to share--not just my room. Sharing is both good and bad. That is probably part of what the newlyweds are telling you.

Amanda Lomonaco said...

Marriage aint how it is in the Disney movies. No happily ever after stuff. It is work. It is often hard especially early on. At first one of the difficult things is getting used to sharing a bed and someone being in your space. Dude, your hogging all the blankets. And then you have to figure out how to spend your now combined money. Sheesh. Honestly, it's probably amazing that the divorce rate isn't higher. But in all honesty, the rewards far exceed the difficulties (or at least they should). Once adjusted, marriage can be bliss, especially when you are both focusing on pleasing God first and then each other.

Anonymous said...

Before getting married, all of my decisions (mainly how to spend my money and time) were made based on what I wanted. After getting married, all of those decisions are now based on what we want.

You have to sacrifice 50% (or more) of what you would normally choose, but you gain a permanent best friend (and more) to do it all with. No matter how well you know and love each other though, there's still that adjustment to be made.


Rocky said...

I'm here to barge in because this topic hits on a pet peeve (so get ready).

There are things that single people can do and married people can't, and vice versa.

(Here's the pet peeve:) Ever since moving back to Orlando, I've noticed an unspoken pressure here to pair off.

As a result, I feel like not many people here enjoy the things that come with being single, because everyone's worried about, well, pairing off. If a relationship is in the cards, it will come along soon enough.

So I say, in the meantime, move to Hotlanta and hit the club scene!

Patricia said...

Well Karin, you seem to have gotten a lot of feedback on this post. So I'll just ditto what everyone else said.