Thursday, October 13, 2005

goldigger: part II

goodbye, rich doctor. so long, fancy lawyer. i've no need of you and your wads of cash.

i've changed my mind.

my new man of choice:a pilot.

why the change of heart you ask? you see, my good friend jen and her jet-setting husband decided this week that it would be fun to hop on a plane. to Paris. on friday.

and i thought hopping in the car and driving to atlanta for the weekend was cRAZy.

upstaged again. psshaw.


running shoes said...

ok wait, are you calling me a goldigger?
in my defense, i've been begging to go to europe for 3 years, and it took me getting pregnant for my husband to give in.

running shoes said...

being a pilot is a fun job and the flight benefits are nice. however, the lack of stability in the industry right now is not so good. oh, and that i don't get holidays off, or get to see my wife on a regular basis. i live from a suitcase and out of hotel rooms. karin, you deserve a stable jobbed husband.
- Tom R (the jet- setting husband)

Patricia said...

When my mom worked for an airline we flew out of town for weekends all the time. It was the best of times!

Anonymous said...

Your approach is all wrong. You do not make a husband decision based upon a job. Now, you know better than that! But your thoughts make for really fun reading and thoughts to ponder!