Thursday, October 6, 2005


my mother is an artist. you would know this by the way she dresses. for my mother, if an outfit can have tassles, buttons, multi-colored shoes, and island fruit stamped asymmetrically along the material, it's a winner. she has no shortage of sweaters for any school holiday. and bright is her favorite color.

this stands in stark contrast to the varying shades of black found in my closet.

needless to say, my mother called this afternoon to tell me, with great excitement, that an exact copy of one of her particularly favorite tassled sweaters is now hanging in the Orlando Museum of Art.

"mom," says i, "clothes hanging in a museum is never good. it either means you're dead or you should never have worn it in the first place." to which my mom replies, "i like it. i always knew that sweater looked artistic."


Amanda Lomonaco said...

Wait, do you link to yourself?! You freakin' freak;). This was a funny one. Your mom sounds like a riot...that explains a lot. Glad to have you blogging again my former running friend. Wanna join me for a 1/2 marathon in Feb? Maybe you can plan your trip around it and train for it. Then you will be former no more and you can stop linking to yourself. Finally you took down Raffy and Annette. They don't blog anymore!

running shoes said...

i knew your mom in middle-school when she was our art teacher but that of course was when "bright" was in. does she still have all those big earring that she would coordinate with the sweaters?
p.s. good to have you back

Anonymous said...

Who is Jen R who lovingly remembers ME from middle school art.

You crack me up dearie, and you have a great way with words. You must write! More More more!

When you get tired of me for a shopping date. I CAN HELP!