Friday, December 2, 2005


Thursday morning I walked outside my apartment to my car to find that some tyrant had thrown dog crap all over my car windshield and smeared it. This dog must have been part horse because his crap covered at least 50% of the drivers side windshield.

I responded by spraying the dog crap all over the apartment car port, and not feeling the least bit guilty about it.

And then i hopped in the car and drove to a job I L-O-V-E. or something.


Anonymous said...

How fun is it to live your life?

running shoes said...

Wow, that really stinks.

Amanda Lomonaco said...

You sure have been crapped on lately! Who would do such a mean thing to you? Did you park in someone's space or something?

Anonymous said...

By that last 'anonymous' comment, I meant that you could possibly be the single most hilarious and original blogger there is, and if this is really your life, you certainly need to write a book.