Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I started a new project. I'm spending my evenings re-writing my journals so that I have one journal per year and each page is in chronological order. And every entry is written with a blue pen. It was my trusty Pilot G-5 but I have since switched to the Pilot Precise V-5.

Current spot in the process: August 2004. Only 2 years and 9 months to go.


Ariah said...

That's kind of like rewriting history. Are you changing the events at all?

Amanda Lomonaco said...

August 04 is when I left. That must be a sad section. Can you believe that it has been almost two years. Maybe your new project should be cooking classes instead.

Patricia said...

You have WAY TO MUCH free time on your hands! Want to help me organize my house? (you'll give in one day!)

Anonymous said...

I thought about doing the same thing someday, but using the computer to make them into a web-like diary. So you can select an entry (via a left-side menu perhaps) by date (chronologically or randomly), by mood, by stage of life (college, marriage, kids), or whatever. Then each entry will be its own web page that will pop-up to the right of the menu frame. Also, each page will let you navigate to the previous or next date.

It's a lot more readable for your kids, grandkids, or whoever some day (I don't know if I want anyone to read mine until I'm dead). And it's (debatably) longer lasting than paper, especially if you back it up and store it in multiple locations (on backup disk, hard drive, server, etc).

Besides, you already have it on paper, so is there really that great of a benefit for all of your work?

Unknown said...

Hey Mike,

This should show how completely techie (geeky?!) I've become. I had the exact thought you did, minus the search by mood. (great idea, by the way). However, I decided to go with paper. What can I say....I'm a tactile person. I like the texture and smell of a nice journal.

Most of my journals are all thoughts I've had while listening to speakers, sermons, etc. So I'm actually getting to re-learn as I write. It sounds tedious and incredibly boring, I know, but I'm actually enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

You could still create a bound book if you typed it all. Better yet, stop this manual copying, continue to become more famous, and then have a publisher pay you for the opportunity to copy it into a book!

Anonymous said...

I challenge you to find a children's story in your writings!