Monday, October 22, 2007

DC :: the itinerary

I'm living it up in Washington D.C., thanks to the likes of two high school friends. I can't tell you what they do, but let's just say their wardrobe is a lot better than mine.

Here's a brief run-down of events. Commentary to come.

Day 1:
  • Attend a Marine One landing of the President
  • Tour the West Wing of the White House
  • Visit the First Lady's office
  • Give my own John (Jane?) Hancock to the White House guestbook
  • Walk to every memorial. In heels.
Day 2:
  • Visit the Tomb of the (not so)unknown Soldier at Arlington
  • Notice that Kennedy's eternal flame is not quite as big as the postcards make it seem
  • Roast apples at Mount Vernon
  • Meet a guy a church who I could've sworn still lived in Orlando
  • Eat the very best pear and apple salad on the planet
Day 3:
  • Try to figure out the difference between the National Cathedral, Notre Dame, and Westminster Abbey (I'm name dropping here...simply because I can)
  • Meet a girl from the Czech Republic in the Metro station and tour DC with her for the afternoon
  • Watch yet another protest
  • See the original Charters of Freedom: Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence
  • Tour the Washington Post newsroom
  • Visit Georgetown University
Day 4 (TBD):
  • Tour the U.S. Capitol
  • Touch a book in the Library of Congress
  • Watch part of a Supreme Court hearing
  • Tour a very important Department
  • Sit in the Presidential Box for a show at the Kennedy Center
Day 5 (TBD):
  • Tour the East Wing of the White House
  • Visit Old Town Alexandria


jim said...

i used to love you...but now i spend my days looking for my invite, that i am certain was lost in the mail.

Jill said...

That sounds fabulous!
I can't help but wonder what you were doing in heels!!!
Glad you are having a good time.

Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned yet how envious I am that you are in DC? I still hold TMA resposible for our class being the only ones who never went there in the 8th grade. I'm glad you girls are having fun. Tell our friends, who will remain nameless, that I say HI!

orangejack said...

That's awesome! You're doing things that I've not done there and that is so cool. Just remember we have family and friends there if you need anything. Have a blast!

Anna said...

(sigh) Very jealous.

- john said...

Czech Republic?

oh yeah, cool about the other stuff.

krustydog said...

Go to Curious George's it is an Italian restaurant in Alexandria. I like it :) I hope you have fun. I love going to DC, but some of that is becuase of who all lives there and some is the history! I am a geek afterall :) have a blast! I am glad you got to go to the White House :)

running shoes said...

how long r u in DC? we are lying in on Fri.

Patricia said...

Sounds like you're having a great time doing the touristy stuff! I still do tourist stuff when I go up there.

Jeremy said...

That's so cool that you've gotten to do so many exclusive events up there in DC. You certainly live the life! Have fun (although you're probably back by now because I'm getting slack at checking non-LJ blogs sometimes)

karin said...

Jeremy -- for the love! Start using an RSS reader so you don't have to remember to check up on blogs! I recommend or . You will thank me for this, trust me....

Jeremy said...

I think I'm stuck in the 90's... I really should look into an RSS feed, shouldn't I? ::sigh::

Jon said...

hah! i have bloglines and still forget to check...

and im with john - how did you randomly meet a czech girl and proceed to hang out with her all afternoon? was she a spy? more info is needed!

karin said...

Jon!! All Czech's are not spies!!!

pd said...

this is the Czech girl
i had a lot's of fun in D.C. the truth - i got lost in metro so thank you one more time Andrea and Karin. and i am not a spy didn't got that far in college