Thursday, October 4, 2007

Time for a switch

I'm ready for a new website. But until I can make the switch, I have to make that oh-so-important decision of what the web address will be. You see, a web address is permanent. It's what people associate with you. It's why to my friends from high school, I will forever be

I've been burned.

What you don't know is that I have been thinking about this for literally years. (There's a reason I don't switch shampoo brands. Who can make that kind of commitment??) So now I need your help. What do you think of these choices? What do you suggest?
  • Other?!


Amanda Lomonaco said...

Amanda Lomonaco said...

P.S. I don't get your old email address? Leo? Is that your sign?

Unknown said...

My SIGN?!?! You don't even know my BIRTHDAY? And we ran all those miles together....

No, Leo is for the one and only Leonardo DiCaprio who I am not ashamed to admit to liking all the way back in the Growing Pains years.

Jerry said...

If you really intend to keep it, is the best bet.

Amanda Lomonaco said...

I know your birthday, silly. Just not all that zodiac crap.

Anonymous said...

Cousin in law has and it is absolutely hilarious. Well, hilarious in the sense that I recognize all the country spots from my childhood. But, it does give his perspective on know, as a mortician...ahem, undertaker. He is actually a motivational think on that for a while!

Don't make it too hard for old folks to remember though!

orangejack said... if it's available. no doubt. At least buy it even if you don't use it. Turn it into a one-page portal page pointing to your online stuff or something.

You can also always go the route I went: pick a word (or make one up) that has nothing to do with you but is easy to spell and remember.

Anonymous said...

I'm not biased at all; I had thought I should comment since you like that: I think that entertainingkarin is a great idea; since it's like a play on words. Whoever came up with that idea deserves a medal.

- john said...

I say go with the leo theme. The evidence shows it has sticking power.


Lindsey said...

i vote for

did you know that the trend in hospitals today is to buy your baby a website address on the day they are born and note it on the birth certificate? crazy, high tech parents are determined that THEIR son will have to use when they grow up. belongs to YOU, karin...YOU!!!

Unknown said...

The big fear is that one day...I will get married, never be ever again, and have to go through this whole ordeal once more.

Alas, I'm resigning to majority opinion.

Although John's votes are a close 2nd.

Unknown said...

And Jerry, if I really intend to keep it?!??!?!?!?!? What have these last 3 years been??!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! You address is permanent only until your change it (again). I like "too much free time". It made me laugh.

drh said...
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drh said...

Go with

You’re not dead yet.

Unknown said...

Dear David,

Even though you deleted your other comment, I still read it.


I see all.

drh said...

Why do you publicly shame me when I already made an effort to correct the mistake?

I’m sorry.

krustydog said...

go wiht it is easy to remember and when you get married you can change it. If you wait and never gt married you will be like should of, would of could of.... Just do it!!!!

Lindsey said...


you make a good point. however, karin tome will always be a part of who you are, and it will forever be your maiden name...if in 50 years, you meet a new cyber buddy that asks, "karin ___, why is your website who is that?" your simple, and proud response will be, "that's was my maiden name."

i just realized that i've now blogged twice about something that i don't have a very strong feeling about. actually, i'm a fan of several of the choices...and would encourage all of them. (except the leo one, can i vote AGAINST leo?)

Brandi said...

You are too funny! I say, no to the one that includes your last name, just for privacy reasons! YES to dontexpectthistobeupdated!

Keep thinking. . .I like your ideas!


Anonymous said...

several things:

1. - a slight change that is much better
2. All these years and i had no idea the "leo" in your aim stood for that leo. this is good information to have
3. leoiluvu is funny. but i'm with Lindsey: please resist the temptation
4. i'm with you on the maiden name thing. my email address and xanga have wilson on it. they are not changeable without shutting down current addresses and restarting--not optimal. so they stay wilson. so far, hasn't confused anyone. those are my four cents.
5. can i help you with your website???

Debra said...

Is it too late to vote? I just read through all the comments. I like and also