Wednesday, January 30, 2008

this is turning into a habit

My most recent events (in no particular order):
  • Got me a mac
  • Video chatted on said mac with the best friend in Uganda
  • Completely missed the State of the Union (furious about this)
  • Voted, but only after waiting 20 minutes in a pre-school car line because there were no signs whatsoever directing patriotic citizens simply to park and enter the church to vote
  • Figured out that blasted iPod (thanks Nikki)
  • Read about the exodus from Egypt while eating an avocado


Anonymous said...

You can read and watch the State of the Union address at

drh said...

Which part is the habit?

Lindsey said...

you got a mac? wow. you're a REALLY cool person now.

Brandi said...

How fun getting to video chat!


Keith Seabourn said...

Hey, I'm reading Exodus also. Must be on the same "read through the Bible in a year" program!