Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend Awarenesses

Awareness #1:

I abhor milk. I always have. The mere thought of it being squirted out from a cow makes me nauseous. Nevermind the lattes and my endless supply of half & half; I hate milk.

Tonight, I drank a half of a half gallon of milk. And I want more. Is it possible to ward a lifetime of pre-osteoporosis in one evening?

Awareness #2:
This weekend, I learned the best possible reason why tornadoes do not have names. According to Jim, hurricanes are named because you watch them develop, you track their path, then they come knocking at your door. You've got a relationship with a hurricane. A tornado? That's just a one-night-stand.

Awareness #3:
It is very easy to confuse a jumper cable with a bungee cord. Jump.....bungee. It's basically the same thing.


Anonymous said...

Those are great things to be aware of! I feel so much more enlightened!

By the way, I love your more frequent postings!

drh said...

Do you confuse milk with anything?

Anonymous said...

With regards to awareness #1, maybe you are pregnant.

- john said...

#3 yes they are interchangeable. i was there. you wanted to secure the mast of a sailboat with jumper cables. meanwhile, we attached bungee cords to your car battery.

Anonymous said...

milk is goooooood.

Anonymous said...

Milk is yuck. Eww, you drank it? Eww. That's like ... cow pus. Cow pus coming out of cow nipples. Eww.