Sunday, March 16, 2008


Saturday's sailing adventure (a recap):

Scene: At the dock before the boat is in the water
Karin: It seems kind of windy today. Do you think it's safe to sail?
[wind whooshes through trees]
John: What?
Karin: [louder] I said it's really windy today. Is it safe?
John: [without hesitation] Oh yeah, we're fine.
Karin: Because I know all about small craft wind advisories. I didn't check if one was issued before we left. Are you sure we're okay?
John: We'll be fine. And if it gets bad, we'll just take down one of the sails.
Scene: 15 minutes after leaving the dock
John: It's getting kind of rough. Let's take down one of the sails.
[sail comes down. boat becomes more turbulent than before]
John: Hmmm. Well that didn't work.
Scene: Boat is racing through the water. Water is splashing into the boat. Luis yelps every time he gets wet. Crew has entered stress behavior mode.
Rachel: It's time for chocolate.
[each person on the boat is devouring chocolate with the exception of Karin. Since stress tends to generate opposite reactions, Karin opts instead for sliced apples]
Scene: Just after another terrifyingly dangerous moment.
John: [assuring smile] That wasn't so bad. See? We made it.
[Confidently then grabs bottle of coke zero and intently focuses on unscrewing the cap. Meanwhile, a massive gust of wind blows through]
Karin: [first time talking in a long while] John? Why are we going in a circle?
[As the side of the boat with Karin and Rachel on it is now water level, water begins gushing in. John, however, has managed to drink his soda]
Luis: [shouting] JOHN......what are you DOING?!?!?!?!
John: [fully composed] We're going to need all bailers on deck.
[At this point, we discover one of the bailer containers is missing]
Rachel: [hastily emptying water out of the boat. then......] Uh. [big pause] Whoops.
[Rachel has managed to lose the second and last bailing container in the water]
John: We'll be fine.


Anonymous said...

i believe immediately following the fun little 'donut' that brought all the water into the boat, john did mention to let out a 'whoops.'
yeah, i think so too.

so much fun though :)

Unknown said...

Luis yelps every time he gets wet.

What can I say, I did.. :-P

Love the blog :-)

Anonymous said...

i still agree with you though karin...luis blowing the whistle at the very beginning of the trip - hightlight.

- john said...

Here's my recap:

1. wind advisory, shwind shadvisory

2. hmmm, i thought i could sail with just one sail. Oh well.

3. every time the boat makes a slight dip, everyone lunges for the center. i'm amused.

4. oh cool, i'm hungry. pass the chocolate.

5. now i'm thirsty. where's my coke zero?

6. what's up with this cap?

7. oh fun, we're going in a circle.

8. whoops! water got in. guess we should bail it out.

9. you lost the bailer? no worries, we'll just turn around and get it.

10. ahh, what a relaxing sailing day.

Brandi said...

Too funny. .but, you left us with water pouring into the boat and no bailing equipment. . are we to assume that you guys died?

Love ya,

Jeremy said...

LOL Brandi -- I too was wondering how the story ended as well. We're all on the edge of our seats here... I need denouement!

- john said...
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- john said...

right, right...the end of the story...
so there we were...water poured into the side of the boat, drenching karin and rachel (despite what they say, the water did not 'injure' them). Panic set in and the crew nearly turned on me.(..except for karin who was busy eating apple slices). With a deft twist of the wrist, I turned the boat around, picked up the bailer, and saved the day...and thus, hithertofore, from that day forward, i became a national hero.

Anonymous said...

Avast, Karin! Hitherto I hath findeth thy blog. Shiver me timbers...

Okay, so that's not really pirate speech. But. The internet-blocker here at work initially blocked this page ... I guess your blog has been deemed way too scurvy for tender eyes to be reading!

Anyway, how did our national hero do with my car today? In John-language, "It was fine," could mean that y'all survived an attempted carjacking, you know?

Good to meet you finally.