Sunday, February 21, 2010

For the Chynoweths

Last night, one of the most Godly women I know crossed from this life to the next. As her son, my dear friend Jim, so elegantly wrote, "[she] slipped through the veil to the other side of eternity."

Lynn was a prayer warrior. And I mean warrior. Jim served two tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Marine Corps, so you know she understood deeper meanings of readying yourself for battle. When I think of Lynn, I think of prayer. Which, frankly, made me more than a little angry that God did not answer her prayer to win the battle with cancer. He could have. If anyone deserved it, it should have been her.

But then, I realized He did answer her prayer. On February 20th at 9:50 PM, Lynn was healed. And she saw her Savior face to face. The veil was removed.

At a few crossroad moments in my life, the Chynoweths gave me an ancient benediction as a form of prayer and encouragement. It's only fitting that I share this now. May it strengthen you as it as has me.

Go now with God
Be not tempted to stay in the safety of known places
Move from where you are to where God points

Go now with God
Be not tempted to go only in your time
When it suits, when it is sure
For now is God's time

Go now with God
Choose not to go alone
Go in the faith that there is not a wilderness so vast
That God is not already there to show you the way

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drh said...

Nice tribute. I did not know her, but she obviously touched the lives of several of my friends.