Saturday, November 6, 2010


Time change weekends are torture for people with anxiety (I diagnosed myself). How do I know if my clock will change because it's magically tied to a world clock that somehow knows the time zones everywhere? What about my cell phone? Computer? I have to re-learn how to change the clock in my car. Literally last week was the first time I got my tivo to record exactly the amount of time in the show without too much additional on either side. And now, tonight of all nights, my cell phone dies.

So help me if the radio doesn't broadcast the time every few minutes tomorrow morning, I will have a panic attack.


running shoes said...

I miss you!
the end.

p.s. it's 9:18 p.m.

Unknown said...

I miss you more!

Will I ever see you? And I can't believe that you weigh yourself. Or that you compare it with Tom. I don't even get on the scale at Publix.

Unknown said...

Also, our clocks are synchronized!

Amber Rose said...

you are hilarious. love it. it's 1:19pm :)