Friday, June 17, 2011

The Magic Hairbrush

A couple things happened this week that are so noteworthy that they deserve to be publicly archived. In no particular order:
  • Steak. Grilled and already sliced into sweet little steaky fingers. Thank you, Tyson, for creating this package of tasty goodness and then issuing a $1 off coupon. 27 seconds zapped in the microwave and dinner is served. Sounds disgusting, comes out smelling like cat food, but tastes like Heaven. That grand, glorious banquet table in the sky. 
  • Running. I have woken up and run every single morning this week. Please read that sentence again. (Selah). Frankly, I'm a little disappointed with myself that I am enjoying it so much. My little ritual goes something like this: the night before, lay out my running clothes. The next morning, after I lock the door, tie my keys into the laces of my shoes (it's a complicated ritual) and then walk to the corner and mutter "I hate running, I hate running, I hate running." Then, pick an Andy Stanley podcast and go. And if you don't know who Andy Stanley is, then you clearly don't follow me on Twitter. You punk.
  • Home Office. I just finished my first week of working 100% from home and let me tell you, I was created for this. I was created to work in yoga pants in an environment with a comfortably regulated temperature. In one week, I have accomplished things that were on my to-do list for months. And I am a list-checker-offer, so this is one happy girl.
  • Hair brush. I bought a new hair brush on amazon (at the same time I bought new cabin air filters for my car) and let me tell you, I am a new woman. I have hated my hair for 30 years and suddenly, I don't hate it anymore. All because of this magic hair brush. 


running shoes said...

Running!!! Ahhh!!! I so love you!

Does the magic hair brush come in my size?

Congrats on the check list, you rock!

Unknown said...

Yes! But you already have beautiful hair, so you don't need its magic.

tHOMASp said...

Did you install the cabin filters, as well? (Oh, please say yes!)

Unknown said...

Yes!! It was easy! Only had to watch one YouTube video