Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Daily Casey: the unbelievable edition

The verdict is in. Not Guilty.

Do we have justice for Caylee? Nope.
Do we have justice for Casey? No way.
Do we have justice for Karin? You betcha.

Fifteen days ago I announced right here my prediction and, oh, the outrage! Well, look who is flying high now? Jose Baez, that's who.

Let's take a step back and see what we can learn from this judicial fiasco.

Life Lessons from Casey #1
Sometimes, really good things happen to bad people.

Life Lessons from Casey #2
It doesn't matter how bad of an attorney you are, it only matters how the lucky quarter landed when the jury took their vote

Life Lessons from Casey #3
Conversely, it doesn't matter how great of an attorney you are if your jury is made up of Floridians

Life Lessons from Casey #4
When a child is dead and a family has been torn apart, there are no winners. Period.

Life Lessons from Casey #5
If you are ever going to murder someone, be sure to do it in Pinellas County.

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rachel said...

is it weird that i was more looking forward to this blog post than i was to hearing the actual verdict? thanks for delivering once again.