Monday, October 31, 2011

Bruises and shameless requests for help

Want to know how painful it is on the Richter scale to fall into a Thai bathtub? Very painful.

Not much more to report yet. It's almost noon here and I'll spend the rest of the day preparing for the various seminars and sessions which all kick off tomorrow. Just found out that my seminar on blogging is next Sunday afternoon which means I have an entire week to come up with something interesting to say. So to kick off this week of brainstorming, you! can help me prepare the talk! (in school we called this 'help me do my homework'). In all seriousness, question of the day:

What makes you stop following a blog or website?  

Oh yes, to continue the series.....

You know you're in Asia when....

       4. Little white slippers on a white towel greet you when you step out of bed in the morning


Russ said...

I stop following blogs because:

a. They post too much


b. They don't post value-added content that matters to me


c. They don't post enough

Judi-CAJ said...

I like it when they send an email or fb notice so that I know they posted something new. I just forget to go down my list of blogs each day. Good content is important. Yours always provides a great sense of humor, and most of the time, some food for thought. I just wish you would post more often.

smanor said...

So wait a minute, you are telling me that while you are asleep you have someone in your room - around your bed - laying our slippers for when you wake up? creepy.

Unknown said...

You clearly haven't walked in these slippers, Scotty. Totally worth it.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Scotty. Creepy.