Sunday, August 10, 2008


I spent the entire weekend swing dancing at the sunstate jam, which is pretty much another way of saying that I didn't know there was a muscle around my elbow, but I pulled it. I love taking any sort of classes--dancing, theology, acting, improv--you name it. It's fascinating to me to find these hidden pockets of culture in the Orlando community and tap into them. (Notice the use of 'tap' in an entry about swing? Good.)

One of the best parts of swing dancing is the comments I get from my partner. You might remember these treasures from a couple months ago. And this weekend did not disappoint.

Exhibit A: (Overheard): "So when I dance with you this way, it's just like walking a dog!"

Exhibit B: (with a look of sheer disgust on his face): "You're sweating already?....."

Exhibit C: (after accidently knocking him in the nose)
Muscle t-shirt guy: "Oooohhh!"
Me: "Oh, I'm so sorry!"
Muscle t-shirt guy: "Ahh.....eee....shi*$*%*" (a little too dramatic, even for me)
Me: "oh please. you're fine."
Muscle t-shirt guy: "Well, will you at least tell me if I have a bloody nose from this?"
Me: "Yes. Now let's dance."

Exhibit D: (after having danced exactly one song on the dance floor) "Wow! They have you working hard! You've worked up quite the sweat! Can I have this dance or are you too tired?"

And my personal favorite......

Exhibit E: "We just had an entire class on walking. (condescending look) So, how did you do?"


drh said...

Thank you for these gems. The self-deprecation never ceases to amaze. At least no one commented on the size of your feet...

Anonymous said...

wow, swing dancing! good exercise, too--who needs jog-walks now, eh?

i went dancing 2 hours straight the other day, which is huge for anti-dancing me, and only had 1 mishap: falling backwards onto the guy i was dancing with...he left soon thereafter :P

Unknown said...

These are great. (Muscle T-shirt Guy = gold.) Oh, where are these funny comment guys when I go dancing? :)

Lindsey said...

why, oh why do you ALWAYS know how to make me laugh OUT LOUD? sometimes i'm at work, karin! i should really keep that in mind...

krustydog said...

Well, those are bad!!!! But funny! When i go dancing with my dad, dont you dare laugh. I always get asked to dance by the creepy old men who just look down my shirt... so creepy! My dad ahas reverted to saying no for me to protect my honor and I have small breasts, I am not a dolly p.