Monday, March 23, 2009

family dysfunction

Dear mom,

Please don't send me emails with the subject line "karin's journal" and then a scanned copy of an entry. You just re-awakened every adolescent insecurity.

Also, I'm starting my christmas list now. Item #1: Paper Shredder.

your daughter


Bonni said...


michael said...

Oh crud! You took down the Publix blog! Now I feel really bad for making a jerky (trying to be funny?) comment about it. Sorry Karin.

Cindy Lynn said...

The pact remains. If something were ever to happen to you, I would ignore my overwhelming grief and scour the area for any journal you've written in so they can be burned. Your thoughts are safe!

Jon said...

the last few weeks i've been reading the past 10 years worth of my journals. its actually been a very interesting and insightful journey.

Unknown said...

Cindy - I'm glad I can count on you. And no need to "scour". You know me, all my journals are in the section creatively marked "journals" on my bookshelf. They are in chronological order.

Mike - Yeah, I took down the Publix blog and the geography blog. There were several comments that made me realize I wasn't communicating what I intended. The delete button is a powerful weapon indeed.

Jon - It's only taken a few weeks to read a decade worth of journals? You should write longer entries.

Bonni - Don't move away!!! :-(

Jeremy said...

Oh my... you make me want to run back to my parent's house and retrieve my journal collection that I started way back in 1994. I knew I should've locked those up! Much teen angst was penned on those pages! lol

Judi-CAJ said...

Help me out here...did I post that somewhere so that someone besides you (and maybe Kristin) could see it? This mother thought it was precious....and I was curious for you to finish the list. You left the description of me hanging with "over the hill." That was over a decade I have "one foot in" by now? Love you sweetie. No paper shredder needed.