Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sign me up

Jeans and heels. Who knew.

Tonight was week three of tango class. We learned promenade rocks and simple (not simple) walking techniques to move around the dance floor. Here is what it should look like (give me some music, people!). I'm loving this class. I don't know how much of it is because it's dancing, or because I like learning new things, or because it's tango (ooh-la-la), but I'm loving this.

And so I'm inspired to make a little list of the classes I've taken in the last few years just because I'm addicted to all things learning. In other words, if you call something a class, I will probably give you my credit card and sign up.

  • Gourmet cooking class
  • Line dancing class
  • Improv class
  • Tango class
  • Swing 6 count
  • Lindy hop
  • Acting essentials at Mad Cow Theatre 
  • And of course three years of seminary, not because it could lead to any career, but just because I found it interesting. So I might as well throw in....
  • Hebrew
Oh yeah, I also took a financial planning course (three cheers for Dave Ramsey) but I stopped going after the first week so it really shouldn't count. (I did it on my own. Stop your judging).   

So what should I do next? Suggestions? Don't say painting. And I'm not crafty. 



Megan said...

Sign language! That's what I've been getting into lately :)

PaulF said...

Car repair.

maw2ewe said...

How to write a book. Love your writing & I'm betting ewe could come up with a bestseller more than once!

Judi-CAJ said... in....get started on a book. Public Speaking, because you are already dynamic and could do it as a career. Cake decorating .... because everyone needs a challenge to their lifestyle eating. (Notice that I did not say diet)

I would suggest sewing, but that ties you to the house too much and already have a quilt and I remember what it took to achieve that award winning piece of work!

M. Flexibilis said...

JavaScript or Sindarin.

Anonymous said...

what Mrs. Wright and your mom said: write a book. and public speaking. and visiting NJ.

Nifer said...

where did you take a cooking class??!?!?!? I really want to take one :)