Sunday, March 9, 2008


Back in August I posted a fairly exhaustive Ten Things you may not know about me list. Since life doesn't seem to be lending itself to any stories as of late, here is what I like to call a token blog filler.

Ten more things you may not know:
  1. Whenever I get a new piece of clothing, I get rid of at least one of the same item.
  2. A secret birthday present that I've always wanted but never asked for is a good bookmark. A bookmark without any strings or ribbons and that is thin enough to keep the page without ruining the binding but is thick enough to be a perfect straightedge for underlying. It should be glossy on both sides so that it doesn't make a noise when it slides across the page. Also, I would like it to have something pink or have flowers on it (pink flowers a plus) but no animals and no strange Christian clip art. The closest perfect bookmark I've ever found was three years ago in Italy. Unfortunately, it has the Colosseum on it as well as a ribbon, but it is the perfect weight.
  3. I keep stashes of chocolate in the refrigerator, pantry, and in my bedroom, but it doesn't ever tempt me. I get tempted when I can't have something; when it's right there, the temptation is gone.
  4. My Scrabble skills are shameful.
  5. I hate football and motorcycles.
  6. I would have done almost anything to have Greg Brady be my older brother.
  7. I would rather eat at Chick-fil-A than try a new restaurant.
  8. I buy shower products based on packaging (only pink).
  9. I want a guy I can lose to in an argument.
  10. I bought a pair of shoes 2 sizes too small simply because they were very cute and very cheap. And yes, I wear them. (it hurts)


drh said...

I like the “filler” entry.

Jake Belder said...

Number one is very impressive. How do I get my wife to do that?!

Anonymous said...

#3--I wish that worked with video games for me.
#7--I feel that way about Del Taco. They're none within two thousand miles of Florida, so I'm in perpetual hurt.
#9--Karin, you're a woman. I ain't buyin'.

By the way, this is a great idea, listing random stuff about yourself. I believe I shall pirate it.

Cindy Lynn said...

#2- I now know my life's mission :)
#8- Now, I buy them based on adjectives written on the bottles, but perhaps buying according to the packaging color makes more sense.
#9- Amen Sista!

- john said...

#9 I see why we get along now

- john said...

#4 no comment

- john said...

#11 now i'm just filling up your comments page. I'm SURE you don't mind.

running shoes said...

i miss u

Amanda Lomonaco said...

#10-That is a very bad thing to do!! Have you ever seen an old lady with messed up and overlapping toes? It is from wearing shoes that are too tight!

A roommate of mine in college made a great impression on me about feet. She got this from her grandmother. It went something like walk around on your feet for a long time. Treat them right. That means no buying cheap shoes, wearing too tight ones, etc.

You may look cute in the very short run, but once you take off those shoes...not so cute anymore!

Take care of you!!

drh said...

Thought you might appreciate this.